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The Word Exchange: A Novel - Alena Graedon I was given this book through NetGalley and loved the idea of the story but it turned into a chore to read. If you enjoy a more leisurely, ease into the story book then you will enjoy this. The main ideas of the book revolves around a virus spread through the use of meme devices which eradicated people ability to communicate and the disappearance of the main characters father, who at the time was working on the last published dictionary.

While the idea was wonderful, a sinister corporation out to remake language and charge people to talk was great, the timeline was not well thought out. The dates and world building needed work, the story took forever to get going I was 50% through before things really started to happen and even then slowly. The characters were well developed but would then do stupid things totally against the grain of what they were like just to advance the story. The book does a great job of introducing you to the characters and filling every part of their day

I wish her luck with her next books but this one needed a good editor to read it through before publishing. If the pace was improved I would have enjoyed the book alot more, but again this is just my opinion. It was like a coffee maker, first the water is heated and then it starts to drip through the filter before becoming a thin stream filling your mug, I prefer a quick boil in the kettle and then pouring it to fill my mug.